Bohms Away the Stealth B76 Shines out as Top headphones

I got my wireless headphones so I can use them when I’m exercising either out in the park, the gym or at home and though I only had wired ones before I knew that Bluetooth works great with my phone and if technology keeps going the way it does soon they’re won’t even be any place for a 3.5mm jack. Mind you, my review about the Bohm wireless B76s would not be complete without mentioning that you actually get a cord and so you’re not constrained by Bluetooth only!

Bohms Away with the B76

So far I’ve only used my Bohm b76s on wireless and have had absolutely no problems out walking with my phone tucked in my pocket. Also the range is totally pleasing in my home and I get my music wherever I am in my two-rooms down, two-rooms up house. In my experience the quality of the sound played through Bluetooth is consistently very good, with the reviews I read all backing me up about the sound quality. I certainly haven’t detected distortion at high volume – and I’m so happy with the bass which is comes in really clear. When I’m out and about I can hear vehicular noise on busy streets but I’m still hearing my music and to be honest I’m not one who’s too bothered about total active noise cancellation.

I assure you that if you’ve seen reviews complaining about them being too tight, bringing on ear pain or ending up with discomfort in some way I intend to bring in some balance with my account here. For me, the fact the headphones sit tightly on ears means they are comfortable, so much so that if I’m listening in bed and all asleep they don’t even wake me up and when I do wake up I’m not in pain! You get these headphones knowing they’re not Bose or Sennheiser and you get them for a seriously good price – and the bonus is you get seriously good headphones too. I hope you’ve found my Bohm wireless headphones b76 review helpful. It’s very positive and that’s how it should be.